Most of the people, who own scanners, make use of these devices often. Hence, it becomes necessary to update the scanner drivers frequently. If you are still making use of outdated scanner devices, there arise the scanner repair issues.

Factors to be analyzed and fixed when the scanner suddenly stops working

  • Check whether your remaining bigger applications are running good while you are making use of the scanner. If it is so, then your system utilizes larger memory resources of the application. As a result of it, your scanner may not work correctly. So, it’s best advised to close down all the processes while using a scanner.
  • Even after releasing all the memory resources of the system, if still your system is not working correctly, then you need to check the connection between the scanner and the system. Most of the scanners are linked to the USB port, so when your scanner is not working swap it to another port and test for the connection.

When your scanner is under repair condition, then probably it won’t correct the documents in a proper way of your system or doesn’t even recognize the system. Irrespective of the repair symptoms, it’s better to update scanner drivers.


Here are listed with certain tips regarding how to update your scanner drivers:

  • The operating system needs drivers in order to process the information which comes from scanners. If your current operating system doesn’t have this required information, then it becomes quite difficult for the system to update your scanner. The main function of the driver is to enable the communication between your operating system and the scanner.
  • This is one among the main reason as to why drivers become updated as you upgrade your OS. The computer gets easily affected by the slight alterations in the operating system.
  • It’s better to check for the scanner cable connection in order to make sure that everything is plugged in correctly. Some of the system requires certain specific software or proper working of the scanner. So, it’s better to go through the instruction manual in the case of a dilemma.
  • It’s possible to install new scanner drivers by making use of the installation CD. When you buy a scanner, you will be provided with installation CD as well. It’s recommended to update the drivers once you have upgraded your operating system.
  • If your OS version is completely outdated, you may not get an up-to-date driver. So check for the windows updates regularly and update whenever it’s necessary.
  • If you need to install particular drivers, then you can easily try downloading form scanner company official website. In the manufacturer’s website, you can have to look at various driver categories. Identify your requirement and download accordingly.
  • The best thing about these drivers update software is, it updates all your updated drivers within short span of time. Opt for driver update software whenever you want to update the scanner drivers.

If the scanner repair issue is quite simple as mentioned above, then it can be easily dealt with you. In the worst possible case, you need to take it to professional repair service.

  • Posted on 11. August 2014
  • Written by admin
  • Categories: Scanner Repair
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