For most folks, copiers are an expensive piece of equipment. Purchasing and using this type of equipment is great and easy – up until some component of the machine fails. In nearly all cases, this is bound to happen. While you can certainly try to fix the machine yourself, there are a number of issues with this approach.

Fixing a copier on your own can exacerbate the problem, it can take you hours to fix the issue, and you may not be doing the best job without direction. Rather than struggle through the whole process and increase your risk of mistake, you should simply consult the copier service manual that came with your machines. If you have lost your manuals or did not received them, there are a number of ways you can obtain copies.

Online Resources


The first step is to check online. There are dozens of online resources that can provide you with a manual for your particular machine. If you do not find a service copy for your particular machine at one site, just keep looking – there are so many options you’ll eventually find the exact manual you need. All you need to do is to search your make and model. The entire process is extremely easy.

Ask Friends

If absolutely cannot find your particular model online, then another option is to ask a friend who also has the same machine. If your friend has the same machine, then they are likely to have their own copy of the service manual. You may just want to ask politely and promise to return the manual in case they need it at a later date. If you do not have a friend that may have a copy of the service manual, then there is also the last resort.

The Company

Finally, if all else fails, which is unlikely, you should also consider contacting the company directly. Companies that produce the machines are likely to have the service manual in stock and they usually have no issue with directly sending you a copy through the mail. The only issue with this approach is that it can get pretty complicated getting in contact with the right individual who can help you. Therefore, this option may be the most inconvenient.


Overall, a service manual is a critical item if you are looking to repair or learn how to use your product. You’ll find the job much easier when you’ve got the proper directions to get the job done.

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Most of the people, who own scanners, make use of these devices often. Hence, it becomes necessary to update the scanner drivers frequently. If you are still making use of outdated scanner devices, there arise the scanner repair issues.

Factors to be analyzed and fixed when the scanner suddenly stops working

  • Check whether your remaining bigger applications are running good while you are making use of the scanner. If it is so, then your system utilizes larger memory resources of the application. As a result of it, your scanner may not work correctly. So, it’s best advised to close down all the processes while using a scanner.
  • Even after releasing all the memory resources of the system, if still your system is not working correctly, then you need to check the connection between the scanner and the system. Most of the scanners are linked to the USB port, so when your scanner is not working swap it to another port and test for the connection.

When your scanner is under repair condition, then probably it won’t correct the documents in a proper way of your system or doesn’t even recognize the system. Irrespective of the repair symptoms, it’s better to update scanner drivers.


Here are listed with certain tips regarding how to update your scanner drivers:

  • The operating system needs drivers in order to process the information which comes from scanners. If your current operating system doesn’t have this required information, then it becomes quite difficult for the system to update your scanner. The main function of the driver is to enable the communication between your operating system and the scanner.
  • This is one among the main reason as to why drivers become updated as you upgrade your OS. The computer gets easily affected by the slight alterations in the operating system.
  • It’s better to check for the scanner cable connection in order to make sure that everything is plugged in correctly. Some of the system requires certain specific software or proper working of the scanner. So, it’s better to go through the instruction manual in the case of a dilemma.
  • It’s possible to install new scanner drivers by making use of the installation CD. When you buy a scanner, you will be provided with installation CD as well. It’s recommended to update the drivers once you have upgraded your operating system.
  • If your OS version is completely outdated, you may not get an up-to-date driver. So check for the windows updates regularly and update whenever it’s necessary.
  • If you need to install particular drivers, then you can easily try downloading form scanner company official website. In the manufacturer’s website, you can have to look at various driver categories. Identify your requirement and download accordingly.
  • The best thing about these drivers update software is, it updates all your updated drivers within short span of time. Opt for driver update software whenever you want to update the scanner drivers.

If the scanner repair issue is quite simple as mentioned above, then it can be easily dealt with you. In the worst possible case, you need to take it to professional repair service.

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machine manualsService manual provides quite clear and concise information which can be easily understood both by professionals and amateur. You can get access to these service manuals either through online or offline as well. In offline you will get service manual when you purchase the product.

If you need service manual downloads online, there are a number of sites which provide you with the service manual for almost all the products. These service manuals ensure that you can do repair work on your own just by going through the manual. If you find it quite difficult with the textual manual you can go for online video manual as well. The video manual provides you with complete and clear solution for all sorts of issues.

With the advancement in the technology and the internet era, its best advised to search the manuals online. You will be provided with a wide range of options here. You can even get PDF service manual downloads online which provide a complete description of the product along with its repair and maintenance procedure as well.


With easy availability of online services, you can download your required manual within shorter period of time. It’s quite easier to get access to these services if you are a computer literate. It’s just the matter of a few minutes to get your required manual and take a print copy of it. Even the printing is also not at all necessary, you can go through it from your system screen and you can take steps accordingly.

Factors to be considered while searching required product online

  • If your product is quite new in the market, then you can easily get manual from the manufacturer site. But if your product is pretty old, then it becomes difficult to download manual online or from the vendor site. In most cases, manual for old product will not be available online because the sites have to keep themselves updated with time and have to give place for the new items that are available in the market.
  • Google is the best place wherein you can get answers to your queries. You can get access to a wide range of service manual instantly. So, it’s better suggested to be quite specific for all your technical queries on Google.
  • In addition to these services, you can fetch manuals for your required product from repositories in online. You need to be very careful while you search for these types of repositories as most of them will be spam sites. So, another important factor to be remembered while searching on Google is, you need to be very careful and cautious.
  • Finally, when you are ended with nothing, then at least you can opt for EBuy service manual. Nonetheless, prior to virtual manual ensure that the vendor is not selling any manual online. Again, you need to be cautious and utmost careful at this stage as well. Search for a reputable service manual handbook instead sticking to spam sites.
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Brother equipments are available for your office uses and also for your home applications. They are provided with instruction manuals to guide the users. So with this help of manuals one can easily maintain their equipment. You can find a wide variety of equipments such as printers, scanners, faxing machines, label products, mobile printers, home sewing machines and more.

Equipment connecting problems

When you purchase the equipments for your office application and other home applications, you usually face some problems that are fixed and connecting the other sub components associated with the machines. Especially to connect the printer equipment to your computer systems involves so many technical procedures. The scanners and fax machines also involve some necessary steps to fix to the system. If you do not successfully do these steps there is a chance of malfunctions which leads to destroy or damage of the equipments.

Avoid repair investment

Hence, in order to avoid and maintain these equipments Brother manuals are very essential. These manuals are available with instructions and other technical information. They contain working systems of machines and specifications of that machine.


When you purchase the brother equipment for business or for your home, they will provide equipment with user manual. This is very essential for brother equipment maintenance. It may cause extra expense to your business. Repairing the equipment is not much cost effective and it is a time consuming process. So it is very essential to take care while fixing the equipment. It is necessary to avoid more investment on component repairing.

No need of technicians

This user manual also includes information like procedures that are required for fixing the equipment and other maintaining methods. They also provide warnings which are factors that can affect your machine and the aspects you need to prevent while you use the equipments. With the aid of this manual you can fix your equipment without taking the services of technicians. So it is very helpful to save your money. Even sometimes the technicians also confess fixing the equipment without the help of user manual.

Prevent, repair

The technical and other mechanical information about the equipment provided in Brother manuals is very important to troubleshoot the defects and to correct that malfunctions. You can fix up the start up issues of equipment with the aid of these manuals. With this manual you can prevent repairs.


In case of any setting variations in the brother equipment you can reset the settings of the machine and can make other settings that are available for your needs. The user can follow the procedures that are given in the brother manuals to reset the machine and to use the machines properly.

The role of brother manuals is very essential when dealing with fixing the brother equipments. This may provide enough information about the equipment and allow the easy maintenance of the equipment. One can solve the start-up and other small problems by using the instruction provided in the manual. All the Brother equipments are provided with brother manual to help you in fixing.

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In today’s scenario, office machines like computer, scanner, and printer have become a vital part of any office. Computers have become an integral part of office work. People who are completely dependent on computers for their work, feel completely disconnected from their task due to damage or trash in the system. Computer repair technicians play major role in such cases. Getting your computer and other office machine repaired in proper time is very much essential to carry out the work in a smooth way.

As part of the maintenance of the computers is considered you need to be aware of its expenses as well. If your computer is very old then it repairing task is quite tedious and obviously it accounts for higher labor costs in fixing the machine repair.

At the same instance of time, there are no fixed or hidden costs for computer repair service. Some of the companies charge on hourly basis irrespective of the type of issue associated with the office machines. This option is really quite attractive because the office owners can save huge amount of money by opting for this service. While performing office machine repair work make sure that you have unplugged all the cable wires of the machine to be on the safer side.

Office machine repair costs involve a number of factors such as cost of maintenance and repairing work of faulty items as well. One of the most important things that need to be included invariably in all the computer repair service is maintenance and tuning of the computers. The tuning up of the system requires the technician to assess the overall health of the computer. This process includes identifying the presence of the viruses, spyware and other such malware.

All the office machines have to be serviced regularly so that there will be no more interruptions in your work. Upgrading your system involves different costs associated with it because you have to incur all the cost of purchasing and installing additional graphics, hardware and sound cards as well.

Necessity of office machine repair

With the purchase of fixed assets for your business, the company has to pay for additional costs which include replacement, rearrangements, maintenance and other such costs. The maintenance and repair expenditure cost depends on the nature of repair work. Ordinary repair work has to be performed in order to maintain the fixed assets in its proper working condition. These types of repair work will be benefited only during the period when such works are done. The ordinary repair work represents the revenue expenditure. Some of the common examples of ordinary repair services are cleaning the equipment’s, replacing or repairing the minor equipment ‘s and so on.

Major repair works are done for long term duration. This type of repair work occurs very rarely and requires huge amount to be invested in order to increase the life span of the asset. This type of repair work represents the capital expenditure.

Proper maintenance of office machines will make sure that your investment is safe enough and you can proceed with your business work in a smooth way.

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